Popular Top Mount Sinks

Stirling Mist Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Bowl Depth 145mm Top Mounted 780 x 430mm
No Reviews
Stirling Atom Fully Polished Stainless Steel Rectangular Kitchen Sink 457 x 400mm
No Reviews
Franke Cascade Double End Bowl 1200 x 500mm
No Reviews
Stirling Dusk Stainless Steel Triple Kitchen Sink Bowl Depth 140mm Top Mount 1400 x 500mm
No Reviews

Popular Double Bowl Sinks

Franke Nouveau Kitchen Sink With Waste Fittings 1160 x 460mm
No Reviews
Stirling Blush Stainless Steel Double Bowl Kitchen Sink Depth 140mm Top Mounted 1150 x 430mm
No Reviews
Franke Projectline Double Kitchen Sink 1160 x 460mm & Katiki Kitchen Sink Mixer Combo
No Reviews
Stirling Aura Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Bowl Depth 170mm Top Mounted - 1190 x 480mm
No Reviews
Franke Cascade Kitchen Sink With 3 Wastes And Plastic Inset CDX671 - 1360 x 500mm
No Reviews
Franke Quinline Kitchen Sink QLX622 - 1500 x 485mm
No Reviews

Kitchen Sinks

Alongside our complete range of kitchen appliances, you can now order high-quality kitchen sinks along with everything you need for a high functioning, clean and affordable home kitchen. Choose from contemporary and stylish designs, including tapware, as well as outdoor sink styles and designs.

Ordering is quick and easy. Use your favourite payment methods and arrange for delivery the very next day. Search through our complete kitchen categories for popular brands and complement your ideal plumbing installation with the extensive range of sinks available to order online now.

What to look for in a kitchen sink

Your kitchen sink is a hub of activity every day of the week and needs to be highly functional, first and foremost. What functional means to you won’t necessarily be the same as what it means for your neighbour, so every kitchen sink has something different to offer, depending on what’s most important for you.

The first thing to consider is your ideal kitchen sink style. You have a choice of under-mount sinks or drop-in sinks. An undermount sink sits beneath the kitchen benchtop while drop-in sinks are dropped into a cut-out within your benchtop and so have a lip that rests on top of the counter.

There’s no significant difference between the styles of sinks available beyond what works better for you. Undermount sinks can be space-saving, helping to maximise the available benchtop space, especially in smaller kitchens. Drop-in sinks can help to generate a clean, low maintenance kitchen station including a drainer board for washed dishes, rinsing crockery, and even food prep.

Once you have a sink type in mind, it’s time to consider style. A general guide for budgeting your new kitchen is the bigger the fixture or fitting, the higher the price. If strict budgeting isn’t your main priority, then you have some room to think about what makes the ideal kitchen sink for you.

Are you seeking a sink with a large total depth or does the area around the sink need to be as highly functional as possible?

Play with scale to help you imagine what a larger or small sink looks like and feels like to work with. Your kitchen is amongst the most functional spaces in your home and time taken during planning will be repaid tenfold when it comes to using your newly designed space. It might also be a good idea to consider what else is going on around your kitchen countertop to help you visualise what kind of preparation and washing space you’ll actually have. Mark out locations for items like your rice cooker and blender.

While your benchtop appliances might not live in those spaces forever, it’s a quick and easy way of sizing up your available space before you settle on big fixtures and fittings. Preparation room and dedicated locations for items like a Nespresso coffee machine and air fryer are vital for a functioning, comfortable kitchen space.

What materials are kitchen sinks made of?

Kitchen sinks are available in a range of materials from stainless steel to porcelain. How often you use your sink and what you use it for will determine the most appropriate material. Long-lasting stainless steel can take a beating throughout its lifetime and makes for an ideal low cost and durable material choice. A porcelain sink is prone to marking and stains, but most stains should be removable with a mildly abrasive cleanser like baking soda and some good old-fashioned elbow grease.

Where to buy kitchen sinks near me?

Forget the showrooms and the awkward pickups. Choose to shop online for your kitchen sink and

have your order delivered to your door for free, anywhere in Australia. Alongside our dedicated distribution team, Winning Services, Appliances Online can provide you with fast and efficient delivery.

Shop online for everything you need to make your house a home from electronics through to cleaning appliances from the world’s best brands including Dyson. Purchase steam mops, handheld vacuums, and more online, and never have to worry about finding a local store. 

How to care for kitchen sinks?

What you need to do to care for your kitchen sink and keep it in tip-top condition will depend on

what your kitchen sink is constructed from. Stainless steel sinks are easy to look after, requiring very little in the way of maintenance, being tough enough to withstand daily use by the whole family.

Porcelain sinks require a little more care and attention, being made of a softer material, but is still long-lasting when correctly-maintained and cleaned.

Ready to start putting together your dream kitchen? Order from The Daily Sale Online Shop and arrange for fast, free and easy next-day delivery.

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